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Mistaya Canyon in Banff, Mary Brock

  Technical Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Tips

Click on the topic below to follow the link to a discussion of the topic.  Some of these pages will slow to load in order to bring you sample images that of a higher quality to illustrate the techniques.

1.  Finding the Right Workshop Experience

2.  Field Ethics

3.  Stress on Animals

4.  Shooting Fall Colors

5.  Care of Images and Packaging for Submissions

6.  Multiple Exposure Tips  - Part 1, The Basics

7.  Multiple Exposure - Part 2, Abstracts

8.  Exposure Calibration

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Tripods and Other Types of Camera Support

2.  Filter Usage

Do you have any questions?  If you have questions you would like to resolve and share with others, please send them to us and we will try to help out.  Time may not allow us to answer all inquiries, but we will certainly try.  Those that we believe would be of benefit to a large audience will be reproduced and answered here.  Please email your questions to

North America Nature Photography Association

NANPA is the only association committed to serving the needs of nature photography.  Their goal is to "provide education, foster professional and ethical conduct, gather and disseminate information, develop standards, and promote nature photography as an art form and a medium of communication for the sciences, nature appreciation and environmental protection."  The association also provides a forum for interaction and involvement in the issues facing the nature photography industry of which you are a part.  NANPA is not just an association for nature photographers; it is for all of nature photography.  We whole-heartedly endorse the organization and hope you will consider joining NANPA.  Please click the link (NANPA logo) below to visit their web site for further information about the association and about membership possibilities.

Photography Magazines

For more technical help or suggestions of places and ways to make images, read the following magazines and/or visit their web sites:


Nature's Best Magazine

Outdoor Photographer Magazine

F/8 and Being There...

Popular Photography

Click here to be able to search POP library for articles or ads

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