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Participant Photo Galleries

We will maintain a rotating gallery of past participants' work in this section.  Click on the link of the participant's name to go to their separate page of images.  These pages will load a little slower because we want to maintain a reasonably high quality for the participants' images.  Trust us - it is worth the wait.

Updated as Required
 (click for details of how your images can be included)
The guidelines at the link must be used to have images included in this section.

National Geographic in Yosemite Mary Brock

                                                          Names are listed alphabetically by last name.       

For a sample of the images made in the 2004 Creative Series workshop in Grand Teton NP, click here

and for a sample of the images made in the 2005 Central Arizona Creative Series workshop, click here.

Steve Alterman (updated 02/23/05)

Loraine Arnold (updated 08/12/09

Christine Auclair (updated 10/15/04)

Erwin Barrington (updated 12/27/09)

Russell Brown (updated 02/21/06)

Richard Buchbinder (updated 02/21/06)

Marjorie Carr (updated 10/07/06)

Diana Chang (updated 08/17/10)

Brady Cole (updated 10/13/03)

Sharon Connolly (updated 02/21/06)

Bill Cutler (updated 05/05/08)

Bill Darmitzel (updated 10/13/03)

Patricia Deege (updated 10/31/07)

Diana Dixon (updated 11/17/05)

Barb Edelblute (updated 11/17/05)

David Eicher (updated 10/07/06)

David Fahrney (updated 12/07/09}

Juliette Faughnan (updated 02/23/05)

Hanna Flagg (updated 05/12/04)

Lisa Fleming (updated 05/26/05)

Steven Gabrey (updated 02/23/05)

Larry Gaskill (updated 02/23/05)

Bill Goodhew (updated 02/23/05)

Saul Goodman (updated 10/13/03)

Christine Goodman (updated 10/13/03)

Jeremy Hinegardner (updated 11/17/05)

Will Hopkins (updated 10/07/06)

Nancy Hopwood (updated 10/14/04)

Scott Horton (updated 05/12/04)

Paddy Hoy (updated 11/23/07)

Diana Jacobson (updated 02/23/05)

Dale James (updated 11/17/05)

Diane Johnson (updated 11/17/04)

Allyson Jones (updated 10/15/03)

Al Kirms (updated 10/13/03)

Bill Kirms (updated 02/18/10)

Marie Klutz (updated 10/15/04)

Cliff Kolber (updated 10/13/03)

Claudia Kuhn (updated 09/21/09)

Monica Lasgoity (updated 10/13/03)

Bill Lewis (updated 04/19/09)

Karen Mason (updated 11/17/05)

Rita Mathews (updated 10/13/03)

Jack McLeod (updated 11/17/05)

Mac McNeil (updated 10/07/06)

Pat McVeigh (updated 02/21/06)

Jeffrey Middleton (updated 05/12/04)

Tim O'Boyle (updated 10/15/04)

Nelson Pont (updated 10/13/03)

Bill Radant (updated 02/23/05)

Cliff Reed (updated 10/13/03)

James Saxon (updated 10/04/11)

Beth Sexworth (updated 02/21/06)

Matt Shalvatis (updated 01/26/04)

Arthur Sharenow (updated 11/17/05)

Karen Shaw (updated 02/23/05)

Peter Sidell (updated 10/04/11)

Susan Skidmore (updated 11/17/05)

Linda Sommer (updated 05/15/09)

Carla Steckley (updated 11/17/05)

James Stopper (updated 11/17/05)

Jeff Tousley (updated 05/12/04)

Gerald Van Daele (updated 10/13/03)

Dan Vint (updated 10/13/03)

Marianne Wallace (updated 02/23/05)

Steve Weiner (updated 01/26/04)

Don Weston (updated 10/13/03)

Kenneth Williams (updated 10/13/03)

Sammylane Wirth (updated 10/15/03)

Mark Wojcik (updated 08/11/08)

Joen Wolfrom (updated 10/07/06)

Doug Woodard (updated 05/12/04)

Barry Woods (updated 05/12/04)

Julie Yamaguchi (updated 10/31/07)

Joe Yeager (updated 11/14/07)

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